ZOA staff member murdered in South Sudan

Aid organization ZOA is deeply shocked by the death of one of its staff members in South Sudan. He fell victim to violence in the region Jonglei where ZOA works. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and other loved ones during this difficult time”, says Edwin Visser, ZOA’s program director.

The 60-year old local staff member was murdered while on his way from Gumuruk to Verteth in South Sudan. He worked as a security guard for ZOA. He leaves a wife and 5 children behind. Visser: “This tragic event has shocked us all deeply at ZOA. We stand next to his wife and children as they mourn the loss of a husband and father.” ZOA emphasizes that aid workers must be protected at all times and that any form of violence against them is unacceptable.

ZOA has been active in Sudan and South Sudan since 1992 – which has been independent since 2011. The country has faced famine, war and floods for decades. The many conflicts have resulted in a tragic humanitarian situation. Seven million people – 60 percent of the population – are currently dependent on humanitarian aid. The availability of food is the biggest problem. ZOA is committed to a comprehensive approach: food, clean drinking water, education, improved agricultural production, trauma therapy and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.