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Funding our work 

Working in conflict and disaster areas is complex. As ZOA we are always looking for complementarity, we greatly value our donors and our implementing and strategic partners.

working together

A broad base of support

ZOA receives funding through various channels: private donors, companies, trusts, foundations and institutional donors. We have a broad platform of support, allowing us to be flexible and responsive to the needs of people affected by conflict or natural disaster.

Dutch constituency

ZOA has a steady supporter base that increased over the years to around 39,000 individual donors. It shows that we are connected with our large Dutch constituency. Some institutional donors require co-funding or cost sharing. Because we are firmly rooted in Dutch society, ZOA can leverage private funding as co-funding to institutional funding.

Institutional funding

ZOA has highly valued and long-term relations with the Dutch government and other governments, such as the American, British, Australian and Swedish governments, the EU, international foundations and several United Nations agencies such as UNHCR, OCHA, WFP and UNICEF. Institutional funding is provided after due diligence processes, regular audits and compliance with donor policies. ZOA therefore adheres to high international standards, such as CHS, Sphere, Child Protection and IATI. We are a signatory of the Grand Bargain. Institutional funding enables us to provide more assistance to larger groups of beneficiaries and to continue to grow as professional organisation. 

We are proud to work with wide variety of donors

ZOA partners with many donors, governments, EU, UN-agencies and international foundations.