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Meet ZOA's board and management team

ZOA’s board is formed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a Chief Programme Officer (CPO). Together with the management team, they are responsible for the executive decisions and daily management of the organisation. 

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Daily management

ZOA's leadership team

ZOA’s executive board is comprised of Chief Executive Officer Chris Lukkien (right in the picture) and Chief Programme Officer Edwin Visser. With the Management Team, they are in charge of the daily management of the organisation. ZOA's management team runs the organisation, develops our strategy and ensures it is executed.

    • Chris Lukkien (Chief Executive Officer) – Chair
    • Edwin Visser – Chief Programme Officer
    • Leo den Besten - Company Secretary
    • Elly Urban – Director of Programmes
    • Jan-Marc Stam – Director of Finance
    • René Vlug – Director of Fundraising and Communication
    • Dick Schilthuis – Director of Human Resources

    Additional functions of Chris Lukkien are Member of the Board of ‘MAF Germany’, Member of the Board of ‘MAF Europe Pension Fund’, Member of the Executive Committee of ‘Integral Alliance’, Chairman of the Administrative Council of ‘EUCORD’ and Member of the Board of ‘Prisma’. Additional function of Edwin Visser: Member of the Board of ‘Partos’. 

    Chris Lukkien and Edwin Visser

    International TEam

    ZOA's international management team

    The International Management Team consists of the Management Team of ZOA Netherlands, combined with the Country Directors.

    • Kees-Jan Hooglander – Director Disaster Response Team
    • Herman Kamphuis –  ZOA in Burundi
    • Timothée Rukundo – ZOA in DR Congo
    • Mike Boomer (country representative) – ZOA in Colombia
    • Dawn Hoyle– ZOA in Ethiopia
    • John Panga – ZOA in Iraq
    • Paul Roelofsen – ZOA in Myanmar
    • Robert Anthony Caleesious – ZOA in Nigeria
    • Cor Verduijn – ZOA Dorcas in South Sudan
    • Harmen Sas – ZOA in Sudan
    • Marjanne van Vliet– ZOA in Syria
    • Claire Burger-Skinner – ZOA in Uganda
    • Cathy Hynds – ZOA in Yemen
    • Christoph Ernesti – (country representative) ZOA in Ukraine

    Supervisory board

    Besides a board and management team, ZOA has a supervisory board. This council is responsible for the supervision of ZOA’s board, its plans and policies, and for safeguarding the mission and identity of the organisation. 

    More about ZOA's supervisory board

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