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Disaster response: we are here when emergencies strike

All over the world, natural and man-made disasters are intensifying. In times of crisis, the most vulnerable people tend to pay the highest price. ZOA is fully equipped to reach out to them and provide emergency aid.

A ZOA worker handing out a bag with essential needs to a woman
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Humanitarian crisis

Disaster response team

ZOA's disaster response team is based in the Netherlands and reaches out to people affected by disasters: floods, hurricanes, drought and earthquakes. We provide emergency aid in countries like Yemen, Indonesia and Colombia. Depending on the nature and magnitude of a crisis, the involvement of our disaster response team lasts up to three years.

In short-term responses to crises, ZOA concentrates on providing food, clean water, sanitation, hygiene and non-food items, education, and shelter. In addition, we recognise that the traumatic events many have lived through during conflict or disaster influence the emotional well-being of individuals. Protection as a basis for the programming is therefore practised throughout relief interventions.

Current emergency response operations

Children in a refugee settlement in Sudan
Hielke Zantema

Hielke Zantema, Emergency Aid Specialist

Our local presence enables us to really get to know people in need. I like the fact that ZOA goes beyond emergency aid. If we want to make a change in people's lives, we have to stay committed in the long run.


Working together

ZOA implements relief activities preferably by working alongside local partners. They are more familiar with the situation, know what assistance is needed on the ground and how to reach people. If local capacity is limited or lacking, our disaster response team is equipped to respond on short notice. ZOA also works with international partners with a proven track record.

Cash assistance in relief-aid 

We strongly believe that people should be allowed to make their own choices, also in the aftermath of violent conflict or disasters. One of the most effective and efficient ways to provide relief aid is through the provision of cash or vouchers.

Want to know more about cash assistance? 

A women enlisting for relief aid