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Working together

Working in conflict and disaster areas is complex. As ZOA we cannot, and do not want to achieve our objectives on our own. We greatly value our donors, implementing partners and strategic partners.


Cooperation is crucial

We consider partnerships and collaboration essential elements of our work, in the field as well as in the Netherlands and worldwide. We cooperate with other NGOs wherever possible, sharing knowledge and experience on implementation and security, lobbying among policymakers, complementing each other in the implementation of programmes, raising awareness among the public, as well as soliciting for funds.

Dutch Partnerschips

  • Dutch Relief Alliance. The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA), established in 2015, is a unique cooperation of sixteen Netherlands registered NGOs. We work closely with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to propose and implement relief programmes funded by the Dutch Relief Fund. This model works well and proves to be effective. The following organisations are part of the Dutch Relief Alliance: CARE Nederland, Cordaid, Dorcas, ICCO / Kerk in Actie, Oxfam Novib, Plan Nederland, Red een Kind, Save the Children, Tear, Terre des Hommes, SOS Kinderdorpen, Stichting Vluchteling, War Child, War Trauma Foundation, World Vision and ZOA.
  • Christian Emergency Relief Cluster.Cooperation between Dutch Christian aid organisations Dorcas, EO-Metterdaad, Tear, Red een Kind, Woord en Daad and ZOA. Within the Christian Emergency Relief Cluster, fundraising actions are coordinated.
  • Consortium of Dutch NGOs (CDN). ZOA and Help a Child cooperate through the CDN0consortium in Myanmar.
  • Walking for Water is an initiative of Amref Flying doctors, Simavi, ZOA and Rotary Netherlands. The aim of our cooperation is to contribute to clean water for everyone in 2030. We envision a future where children no longer have to walk extremely far to get clean (drinking) water. To achieve this goals, we mobilise children in primary schools. We raise awareness about the problems and we challenge them to walk with water for 6 kilometers to raise funds for clean water in developing countries.

Partners at national and local level

ZOA is convinced that partnerships are needed in order to achieve sustainable changes at community level. We cannot achieve our objectives on our own, but have to cooperate with other partners (CBOs, NGOs, local government, private sector etc.). This is also why ZOA undersigns the Grand Bargain commitments under the Workstream “National and Local Responders”. We are proud to work side by side with many partners, amongst others: 

  • Burundi: MIPAREC, RB2000+, SaCoDe
  • Ethiopia: DPO, OWDA, WAPYDO, Gebeya and Blue moon
  • Iraq: IID, Al Khamiaat, EADE, EMMA, EPIC, ZSVP, SSDF, WEO 
  • Liberia: Peacebuilding Office of Liberia, SHIFSD, YMCA
  • Myanmar: MHAA, AGE
  • South Sudan: Jonglei Civil Society Network (JCSN), Jonglei Disability Organisation (JDO), AWACE (Awake for Women and Children Empowerment), Africa Development Aid (ADA) en Community Agriculture and Skills Initiative (CASI)
  • Sudan: Naha, Al Massar, VNHRD, Tawaki, GPA, CDF, SOS Sahel
  • Syria: GOPA-DERD
  • Uganda: PALM Corps
  • Yemen: Responsiveness for Relief and Development, Yemen United Care, Yemen Association for Water, and Environment and Energy, Sustainable Development Foundation, Sana’a Water and Sanitation Local Cooperation, Millennium Development Foundation, For All Foundation (FAF), Social Development Hudayda Girl Foundation, Enmaa, National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response, Abs Development for women and children, ADO.


ZOA is actively involved in many alliances and networks all over the world. One of them, is to share knowledge and learn from each other. ZOA is actively involved in networks on a national, European and global level.

ZOA's networks

Memorandum of Understanding

ZOA has a Memorandum of Understanding with with the following parties: