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Refugees from Ethiopia at the Sudanese border

We are here in Sudan

In Sudan, poverty and conflict go together, reinforce each other, and lead to human suffering. Sudan receives refugees from various neighboring countries. Due to the recent outbreak of violence, many Sudanese have now also fled their own country. ZOA wants to help break the vicious cycle of poverty and conflict by improving access to basic provisions and working on social cohesion.

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We are here for the people of Sudan

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70,000 people from Ethiopia took refuge in Sudan

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Why work in Sudan?

Sudan is a dry country, but at the same time its population is growing. We see that the quality of the soil is deteriorating because the supply of farmland is limited and it rarely gets the opportunity to lie fallow. Climate change is causing rain seasons to be irregular. Also, the shortage of land and water together with the growing population leads to fighting.

ZOA work in two regions, the east (Gedaref), and the west (North, East, and South Darfur states), of this vast country. Through the support of our valued partners, we also reach West Darfur, Kassala and Red Sea states. In these regions, we are active in the field of social cohesion, food security and livelihoods, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and education. ZOA works with refugees, IDPs, host communities and returnees, especially farmer and pastoralist communities, youth and school children.

Integrated approach

ZOA Sudan works with a dual recovery-emergency mandate, responding flexibly when needed. Based on operational experience, an assessment of key drivers of conflict and expected oncoming pressures (climactic, conflict over resources, changing political context), ZOA has operationalized an integrated approach across four pillars. Firstly, we strengthen local conflict resolution mechanisms to build and maintain peace. Secondly, we use Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) to ensure sustainable access to water for all stakeholders in an equitable and efficient manner. Thirdly, we focus on natural resource management, green energy & combating environmental degradation. And lastly, we enhance livelihoods through increasing sustainable agricultural productivity & income generation opportunities focusing on youth and women.

Working in consortia

In Sudan, ZOA is leading two consortia. The first is called  Enhancing Stability through Community Resilience (STR). In this consortium we work with World Relief and CDF. ZOA has been leading the consortia since 2017. Together, we aim to address root causes of conflict, instability and migration and contributing to increased human security, increased resilience and improved sustainable livelihoods in South and West Darfur. The other consortium is called Sustainable integrated development approach (SIDA). In this consortium we work with World Relief and SOS Sahel. ZOA is also leading this consortia since 2018. We use an integrated approach that ultimately aims to strengthen the resilience of people living in Darfur (North, South and West) and Gedaref states. The complementary activities focus on sustainable peace, environment, climate and agriculture.

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Working together

Donors and partners

In Sudan, ZOA has a variety of institutional donors including the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, ECHO, TEAR Australia, UKAid, Sida and UNHCR. We work in close cooperation with World Relief, SOS Sahel and CDF.