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Vluchtelingen bij de Sudanese grens

We are here in Sudan

In Sudan, a nexus of poverty and conflict intertwines, amplifying human suffering. As a refuge for many fleeing neighbouring nations, Sudan has witnessed an alarming surge in internal displacement, with four million of its own citizens uprooted due to recent unrest. Countless others have sought safety beyond its borders. ZOA wants to help break the vicious cycle of poverty and conflict by improving access to basic provisions and working on social cohesion. 

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We are here for the people of Sudan

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70,000 people from Ethiopia took refuge in Sudan

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Why work in Sudan?

Sudan is a dry country, but at the same time its population is growing. The limited availability of fertile land, coupled with infrequent fallow periods, has led to soil degradation. Irregular rain seasons, a byproduct of climate change, further exacerbate the situation. The scarcity of land and water resources, in combination with a growing populace, often culminates in conflict.

ZOA's initiatives span two primary regions of this expansive nation: the east (Gedaref) and the west (comprising North, East, and South Darfur states). Through the support of our valued partners, we also reach West Darfur, Kassala and Red Sea states. In these regions, we are active in the field of social cohesion, food security and livelihoods, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and education. ZOA works with refugees, IDPs, host communities and returnees, especially farmer and pastoralist communities, youth and school children.

Integrated approach

ZOA  works in Sudan with a dual recovery-emergency mandate, responding flexibly when needed. Based on operational experience, an assessment of key drivers of conflict and expected oncoming pressures (climatic, conflict over resources, changing political context), ZOA has operationalized an integrated approach across four pillars: 


  • Livelihood enhancement: Collaborating with smallholder farmers, we fortify producer associations and bridge them with service providers and markets, while also integrating private sector participation. 

  • Conflict resolution: We bolster local conflict resolution frameworks to foster lasting peace. 

  • Water resource management: Through Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), we aim for equitable and efficient water access for all stakeholders. 

  • Inclusivity: We are amplifying our focus on disability and inclusion. 

Working in consortia

In Sudan, ZOA spearheads two significant consortia: 

  • We are Able! programme: This project focusses on lobby and advocacy to strengthen the food security for people with disabilities in Gedaref State and on the national level. We do this through strengthening organisations and policy changes to include people with disabilities. Our partners in this endeavour include the Africa Disability Forum, ADD, VNG International, and The Hague Academy. For more information see the We Are Able! website.    

  • Strengthening inclusive partnerships for Smallholders In Rainfed Areas (SIPRA): In collaboration with World Relief, SOS Sahel, Wageningen Center for Development and Innovation (WCDI), and Euroconsult MottMacdonald, this project aims to enhance food and nutrition security and foster sustainable growth for smallholder farmers and SMEs, with a special emphasis on women and youth. 

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Working together

Donors and partners

In Sudan, ZOA has a variety of institutional donors including the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, GIZ, TEAR Australia, UNICEF, WFP and UNHCR. We work in close cooperation with SOS Sahel, NAHA, Al Massar, Al Tawaki and a number of other national partners.