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ZOA’s journey towards a Responsible Program Exit through Local Empowerment

In this paper, ZOA presents a concrete example from its work in Liberia, highlighting the development and implementation of a phase-out strategy designed to achieve a sustainable transition.

Download the Responsible exit in Liberia paper

A responsible exit in liberia

A Liberia case study

ZOA operates within contexts characterised by state fragility, conflict, and climate-related disasters. Our focus is on providing relief and recovery assistance to people affected by armed conflict or natural disasters. ZOA prioritises areas where our interventions can have the greatest impact and aim to reach the most vulnerable populations. Our goal is to help communities rebuild their livelihoods and enhance their resilience in the face of shocks and threats. With a dual mandate of relief and recovery, we remain engaged until the context stabilises. As programs transition towards a more development-oriented approach, ZOA plans to phase out and redirect its efforts to address other crises. Throughout our interventions, we prioritise collaboration with communities and local organisations, recognising the importance of local ownership and supporting local capacity.