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Children at a waterstation in Marojela, Madagaskar.

We are here in Madagascar

The south of Madagascar is struggling with a major drought. In the past five years, the area received only half of its normal rainfall. Harvests got worse every successive year. Now, more than a million people are starving. In 2022 ZOA partnered with organisation Medair to provide life-saving aid. This emergency relief project was completed by the end of 2022. 

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Madagascar's unprecedented food crisis

people live on Madagascar
people are facing hunger and need humanitarian assistance
Extreme weather causes drought and crop losses

Climate change

On the brink of famine

Because of its location, Madagascar is prone to extreme weather. In recent years, drought has become an ever bigger problem. Rivers dry up, fertile soil dries out and blows away. Animals die. People do not have clean drinking water and not enough to eat. Hospitals are taking on more acutely malnourished patients.

Madagascar is expected to be the foreland of many - especially East African - countries, which will increasingly suffer from drought as a result of global warming. The most vulnerable people are hit hardest by these droughts. That is why ZOA, together with Medair, focuses on supporting those who are most likely to find themselves in distress: young children who are malnourished and who do not live near a clinic.We provide good nutrition and ensure that people regain access to clean drinking water. Our working areas are Beloka, Ambovombe and Tshihombe.

Water and food

Together with Medair, we help people in southern Madagascar with clean drinking water, food and sanitation. Where necessary, we supply water with trucks. In addition, we build storage points for water and we sit down with communities to distribute scarce water as fairly as possible.

Focus on the most vulnerable

Two mobile health teams will use motorcycles to visit remote villages to provide therapeutic food to severely malnourished children. Acute malnourished children will be referred to the hospital. We support the parent who goes with the child by offering him or her free meals during the hospital stay. Furthermore, six clinics are supported where not only children receive medical help, but also pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Partners and donors

In Madagascar, ZOA works side by side with aid organisations Save the Children, SOS Children's Villages, Tearfund and Terre des Hommes. Medair implements the activities mentioned above. The aid is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA).

Credits photos: Medair.

Children enjoy water at a waterstation built by Medair
Joël Voordewind, ZOA's Special Ambassador

Joël Voordewind, ZOA's Special Ambassador

''Madagascar is like a canary in the coal mine, a warning to the world to counter climate change. It is expected that people in East African countries will suffer more and more from drought.''