ZOA's Integrity Framework

ZOA is an international organisation providing relief and recovery support to people impacted by conflicts and disasters. All over the world, we reach out to people in need, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, religion or gender. ZOA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all its activities. We want to see our core values reflected in our organisational culture, programmes and the way we implement our activities. Although cultures and values differ considerably between countries, we expect our value commitments to be applied by all those representing ZOA in all countries where we are active.

Our value commitments are: • we value people; • we are faithful; • we are good stewards; • we serve with integrity. We seek to apply these value commitments in the interaction with our key stakeholders, including beneficiaries, partners, donors, and colleagues. For that purpose, ZOA’s Integrity Framework was developed, comprising of three main pillars: integrity standards and norms, reporting complaints and addressing complaints.


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All ZOA staff – as well as others acting on behalf of ZOA, such as consultants and implementing partners – sign for compliance to these standards. Staff are trained on the content and application of the Integrity Framework through training sessions. Additional tools and materials are currently being developed, such as online training modules for staff and communication materials to inform beneficiaries.

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