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Children in Aleppo

ZOA rehabilitates schools in Syria after earthquake

The earthquake of February this year in Syria damaged many schools. Because of this, many children haven’t been able to go to school. ZOA is now working to rehabilitate schools in the severely affected city of Aleppo.

Emergency response efforts in Aleppo

Rehabilitation of earthquake affected schools

The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria has left widespread destruction and has had a severe impact on the lives of thousands of individuals. In addition to the humanitarian displacement crisis and the psychological impact, the earthquake's tremors wreaked destruction on Aleppo's infrastructure.

It left a trail of collapsed buildings, damaged roads, and disrupted utilities. Many schools were damaged, obstructing the educational process and creating unsecure environment for the pupils.

In the wake of this natural disaster, ZOA has started the implementation of the project: “Small-scale Public Infrastructure Recovery and Repairs – Schools Rehabilitation”, funded by ILO (International Labour Organization). The project was launched in Aleppo in September 2023 with the aim of rehabilitating three earthquake-affected schools to restore access to a safe educational environment for students.

Syria school rehabilitation

The project also aims to address immediate livelihood needs of the affected communities through the creation of decent job opportunities, training local contractors in the application of labour-based technologies. The project has many outcomes, including offering temporary job opportunities to the local community through local contracts.

ZOA does this by involving local construction contractors in the process of restoring the schools, equipping them with essential training and improving working conditions within the rehabilitation sector, with a focus on safety and adherence to regulations.

Syria school rehabilitation

The project is delivered as part of the disaster response, as ZOA is committed to delivering substantial assistance to those in urgent need. Beyond the immediate relief, ZOA aims to facilitate the recovery and improve the resilience of affected communities, with essential collaborative efforts between government agencies, local communities and international organizations for expediting this rehabilitation process.

Photos: Abdurrahman Alrahman Muhimed, Muzna Hallaj

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Syria school rehabilitation