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Signs of hope in Yemen

International press has turned its eyes to Yemen and the developments in the Red Sea, specifically around the Bab-el-Mendab strait. Whereas the news is dominated by global events, life for many Yemeni’s continues. And that is where ZOA’s support is most needed. A project in Hajjah and Amran governorates on supporting Yemeni youth and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has witnessed multiple successes.

Successes in project ‘Yemen is Able!’

‘Hope rises in the face of the ongoing crisis

In the face of the ongoing crisis in Yemen, hope rises”, states Abdullah Hajer, manager for ‘Yemen is Able!’, a project that has been carried out in the country since June 2022. The results have been astonishing to all the stakeholders, he says. These stakeholders include Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), youth, authorities, and the targeted communities.

While the crisis in Yemen seemed to be forgotten by many for years, lately the country has been very present in the news since airstrikes have hit the country since January 12, 2024. Meanwhile, life for many Yemeni’s continues to be a struggle.

The Responsiveness for Relief and Development Foundation (RRD) and ZOA in Yemen have been working together in Hajjah and Amran governorates on supporting Yemeni youth and CSOs. Exactly this positive view of addressing Yemen and Yemeni youth and CSOs is resonating. RRD and ZOA have witnessed multiple successes in both governorates.

A brighter future

The project empowers CSOs and youth, equipping them to be the architects of a brighter future”, Abdullah explains. Through capacity building and financial support, CSOs gain strength to serve their communities more effectively, and youth find their voice to become advocates for peace and development.“

Abdullah Hajer

Ten CSOs in each governorate received training and were invited for a competitive grant-process consisting of two rounds. In each round, four CSOs in each governorate won this competition and then received a grant of approximately 12,000 United States Dollar. They are using this to improve conditions for Yemeni communities.

First round

In the first round, the National Corporation for Development and Health care (NFDH) received support to provide training to disabled men in tailoring in Hajjah. These men can subsequently sustain their families. At the same time, the Yemen support Foundation for Relief and Reconstruction (YSFR) supports women in sewing and embroidering, creating business opportunities for women in Amran.

The Yemeni Society for the Care and Qualification of the Blind Amran Governorate (YSCQBAG) supports training courses for families with disabilities, especially blind people. The families are supported with various courses in small business management in Amran.

Furthermore, the Kanan foundation for Rural Development (KRD) intends to improve access to water in villages in Hajjah. Clean water as a basic need is the starting point of their project.

Second round

In the second round, the Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Deaf and Mute received support for their project that aims to empower the deaf community in Amran City through education and social inclusion, by training teachers and residents in sign language. The project will train 60 individuals in sign language to improve communication and access to services for the deaf community.

Also, the social developmental foundation Together for a Better life’ in Amran offers training and support to empower 30 vulnerable individuals with income-generating skills and entrepreneurial opportunities within three months.

At the same time, the Hope Channels Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled runs a project that aims to provide hearing aids to 14 children with hearing impairments, particularly those who are displaced, orphaned, and living in poverty in Hajjah city, to ensure their educational inclusion and well-being.

Finally, the Humanity Bridge Organization for Response in Hajjah received support for their project to improve the livelihoods of 12 families, including disabled individuals, orphans, and families headed by women or children under 18 years old. They provide 12 women with basic skills in the field of sewing. The women are equipped with the necessary knowledge of promotional methods, marketing strategies, and enabled to sell their products.

Resilient Yemen

“The project is currently showcasing more and more results,” states Abdullah. “In the devastated current Yemen context, the work of the CSOs and the enthusiastic youth provide signs of hope for a better future. Together, they are building a more resilient Yemen.

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The project ‘Yemen is Able!’ is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by ZOA in Yemen and national partner Responsiveness for Relief and Development Foundation (RRD).