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Paper: Local solutions with lasting impact

The Group Cash Transfer approach was contextualised and piloted successfully in both North and South Yemen by ZOA Yemen and its local partner SDF in 2022 and 2023. More than 100 community groups submitted their plans and received cash transfers to implement their proposed activities. Cash transfers ranged from 2,000 USD to 7,000 USD. The transfers impacted approximately 2,500 households (17,000 individuals).

Download the Group Cash Transfer in Yemen paper

Group cash transfer approach

Lasting impact in Yemen

Based on the group’s plans, cash has directly been transferred to various grassroots groups such as farmer groups or youth groups by different financial service providers. Central in this approach is that community groups find local solutions for local problems and receive the means to actively work on those solutions together. The GCT approach helps to establish meaningful collaboration on community level and aims to realise local impact initiated by the communities themselves.

Further, the GCT approach has a positive impact on social cohesion and promotes peace by unit- ing individuals with common goals. Moreover, groups are empowered to leverage the exposure gained through GCT for further action, as they are encouraged by entrepreneurial initiatives and skill-building activities.

ZOA and SDF make use of local facilitators to form community groups. Those men and women are important members in the selected com- munities with a good reputation and influence. They are involved in decision making, resolve problems and coordinate the implementation of the community’s initiatives. Furthermore, the facilitators supervise, and provide guidance and technical support to the community.

The pilot resulted in various good practices and lessons learned in the Yemen context. Those results are discussed in this document.

Download the cash in Yemen paper