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Muhammed and Ibrahim

Friends work together to recover their school

Twelve years ago, Ibrahim and Muhammed were students at the Al-Moatassem school in Aleppo, Syria, that was severely damaged by the earthquake a year ago. The two friends are determined: the school must open again! They are participating in ZOA's project to repair the damage.


‘We build for future generations’

A year ago, on February 6, 2023, their city was hit by a devastating earthquake. Ibrahim and Muhammed, both 20 years old, are university students from Al-Fardoss neighborhood in Aleppo. Twelve years ago, they were students at the Al-Moatassem school, which was severely damaged by the earthquake. The friends are determined: the school must open again!

Together, Ibrahim and Muhammed are now working together as participants in the project to get their former school back into use. ZOA collaborates with the International Labor Organization to repair earthquake damage to three schools. This means that many children in Aleppo can safely return to school.


The past twelve years have not been easy for Ibrahim and Muhammed. The ongoing conflict in Syria makes life difficult. They could not go to school for five years. And after last year's earthquake, life came to a complete standstill.

Yet, both men now continue their studies at university. As ambitious students, they also need a job to support themselves. They are very happy that they can work flexible hours on this ZOA project, which is being carried out with local contractors.

Syria school rehabilitation


As they work, memories of their old classroom keep coming back. “It's great to be here again,” says Ibrahim. He and Muhammed are proud that they can contribute to the restoration of the school building. “We are building here for future generations!”

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