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Women on their fields in DR Congo

ZOA's Toolkit on Land rights

This toolkit aims to offer concrete tools for practitioners to engage with land rights on different levels. This toolkit intends to offer an introduction to different tools that can be used. Furthermore, the aim is to offer clear guidance on how to implement the tools.

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Tools for several stages 

In fragile contexts, a good understanding of the social, political and legal context is vital. Furthermore, it is important to work conflictsensitive and gender-sensitive, to ensure no harm is done and the project is safe, effective and contributes to restoring people’s dignity. This toolkit provides you with the means to work on land rights in a sensitive way. 

This toolkit includes tools to work with land rights on three different levels. The tools for the lower level can be used as a basis to pave the way to stronger engagement with land rights in a later stage. The tools in the later sections build upon tools in the sections before. These different approaches can be implemented by ZOA as well as suitable partners.

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