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Woman on her field in DR Congo

Guidelines for Land rights

To ZOA, land rights work is a crucial part of our efforts in peacebuilding. Based on ZOA’s experience, studies done by current and previous partners such as the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and CICAM Radboud University, and taking into account global land rights standards, ZOA developed Guidelines that are useful for ZOA, implementing partners and other actors who are working on land issues in post-conflict and post-disaster contexts.

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Practical and useful tools

ZOA's Guidelines for Land rights provides a basis for developing land rights projects and establishes good practices and minimum requirements. Land rights related questions should be considered in preparatory analyses relating to agricultural, (rural) livelihoods, shelter or WASH work. Elements of land rights can be integrated in food security and livelihoods projects, WASH or education. 

These Guidelines are intended to be a starting resource providing an introduction and practical advice including useful tools. It also refers to resources that allow for a deeper understanding of land rights issues.

Download ZOA's Guidelines for Land rights