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Landscape in Tigray

ZOA staff member believed to have died in Tigray, Ethiopia 

Humanitarian organisation ZOA has received credible but unconfirmed information that one of its staff members has died as a result of the conflict in the Ethiopian region of Tigray. Chief Programme Officer Edwin Visser: “We are doing everything we can to find out what happened to our colleague, but we fear the worst.”

Difficult to obtain reliable information

We fear the worst

As a result of the complete information black out and closure of the area to humanitarian organisations until now, ZOA has been unable to confirm that the colleague in question has died. As ZOA has not been able to contact the family, the organisation is not in a position to provide more information at this stage.

Visser: “The situation in Tigray is currently very chaotic and it is difficult to obtain reliable information.” ZOA is doing everything it can to find out what happened. As soon as there is more clarity on this incident, the organization will provide more information. ZOA emphasizes that humanitarian workers must be protected at all times and that any form of violence against them is unacceptable.

Apeldoorn/ Addis Ababa, December 11, 2020