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ZOA and Dorcas merge country offices in South Sudan

ZOA and Dorcas are joining forces and will form a partnership in South Sudan. Both organisations have been present in South Sudan for many years and have worked closely together during those years. Per April 1st 2022, ZOA and Dorcas will form a joint working organisation under the name ‘ZOA Dorcas South Sudan’ with a country office in Juba.

working together

More impact together

The partnership focuses on South Sudan, the international offices of both organisations as well as offices in other countries remain independent entities.

“Our complementary expertise and geographical coverage enables us to achieve more impact in reaching those most affected by crisis and poverty in the country” says Agnes Kroese, country director for ZOA Dorcas South SudanThe current programmes in the country are not affected by this organisational change, these will continue as planned.

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