ZOA’s staff is working every day to change for the better the lives of people who suffer. Through relief and rehabiliation we want to restore hope. Our mandate leads us to people who often have lost all hope because of violent conflicts or natural disasters. Over the past forty years, ZOA has developed specific expertise and obtained extensive experience in the following sectors within the context of conflict-affected fragility.

1. Livelihood and food security

ZOA focuses on four areas: income generation, market support, agriculture production, and conditions for rural and urban economic development to assist households to find means to provide for their needs. Read more on ZOA’s livelihoods and foodsecurity policy.

2. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

ZOA makes use of an integrated approach that takes into account the needs of the different stakeholders, as well as  social, economic and ecological factors. Read more on ZOA’s WASH policy.

3. Basic education

ZOA focuses on both formal and informal basic education, including primary education, lower secondary education, functional adult literacy and numeracy and vocational training. We consider our work in education to contribute to the work we do in other sectors. Read more on ZOA’s Education policy.

4. Peacebuilding

ZOA applies a conflict transformation approach to transform attitudes, behaviour and (local) causes of conflict, instead of only mitigating or resolving conflicts. We consider it important to address the key drivers of conflict to support communities in being resilient and disengage from wider conflicts.
Read more on ZOA’s peacebuilding policy.

5. Shelter

ZOA engaged in locally appropriate shelter support in emergency situations to provide for more dignified living conditions under these harsh circumstances. ZOA may also provide assistance in repairs to permanent houses.