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Commmunity Based Sociotherapy group

Policy Brief Community Based MHPSS - a foundation for sustainable peacebuilding

Community based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) is crucial for dealing with the past, building family and community peace, and rebuilding the social fabric. MHPSS provides the foundation for inclusive approaches and effective participation in peacebuilding. More emphasis for MHPSS is therefore critical for sustainable peacebuilding. Download the policy brief to learn more about our experiences in DR Congo and Burundi.

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Policy brief

Transformation towards peace

Adverse environments as often experienced in  (post) conflict countries, can lead to negative psychosocial impacts, contributing to a higher level of conflict in society, and ultimately to violence. Individuals and communities suffering from these negative impacts often struggle to effectively be involved in their own communities’ transformation towards sustainable development and peace.

Evidence from the Addressing Root Causes programmes in DR Congo and in Burundi (2016 - 2021, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) have shown the crucial role of community based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support. Individual trauma counseling and support groups as well as Community Based Sociotherapy have contributed to improved mental wellbeing, reduction of domestic violence, more social cohesion and reconciliation between identity groups and resistance to political identity manipulation.

ZOA and Help A Child have written this policy brief and recommend governments, NGOs and donors to integrate Community Based MHPSS in peacebuilding programming in order to achieve sustainable results.

Download Policy Brief (English)

Download Policy Brief (French)