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Dinah Nabaweesi

Passionate about the environment 

She’s implementing projects for renewable energy in Uganda’s West Nile region. Dinah Nabaweesi has been working with ZOA since March this year. And she loves it.

Dinah: environmentalist by profession

‘Conserving the planet makes me happy’

“My passion for the environment comes from being a Christian”, says Dinah Nabaweesi, ZOA’s Project Manager for Green Energy in Uganda’s West Nile region. “That’s why this job with ZOA fits me like a glove.”

‘Environmentalist by profession’, is how Dinah Nabaweesi describes herself. “I love working on projects that help save the planet”, she says. “I want to spend my life doing that. Conserving the environment truly makes me happy.”

Dinah, originally from the South West, grew up in Central Uganda. She worked as a Project Officer with another Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) for several years, until accepting a job as Project Manager Green Energy with ZOA in March this year. This meant moving across the country to the West Nile region.

It’s been all worth it, she states. “I was working on similar projects with the other NGO, but there were more people who could do what I did. I’d been doing the same thing for a while and needed an opportunity to grow. ZOA gave me that.”

Dinah is now Project Manager. “In terms of career, I’m progressing”, she says. “But that’s not all. ZOA fits me quite well because it’s a Christian organisation. I really enjoy our morning devotions. These help me grow as a Christian, not just professionally.”

Solar panels in Uganda

Her passion for the saving the planet also comes from being a Christian, she explains. “We need to be better stewards of the earth God has given us.” With ZOA, Dinah is managing the implementation of biomass and solar projects that help people in refugee camps and host communities build a sustainable livelihood, while preserving their environment.

“These projects address real issues in the community,” she says. “Uganda, and the whole world, desperately needs that. We should be able to deploy these types of projects on a much larger scale. Climate change is a major problem that we cannot shy away from.”

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