Partnerships and Networks

Working in conflict and disaster areas is complex. Cooperation is therefore crucial. As ZOA we cannot, and do not want to achieve our objectives on our own. We greatly value our donors, the implementing and strategic partners. We consider partnerships and collaboration essential elements of our work, in the field as well as in the Netherlands and worldwide. We cooperate with other NGOs wherever possible, sharing knowledge and experience on implementation and security, lobbying among policymakers, complementing each other in the implementation of programmes, raising awareness among the public, as well as soliciting for funds. We also observe that institutional donors develop preferences to work through consortia, so to work more efficiently and ultimately be able to support more beneficiaries.

During 2016, highlights in cooperation were:


The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA), established in 2015, is a unique cooperation of fourteen Dutch registered NGOs. They work closely with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to propose and implement relief programmes funded by the Dutch Relief Fund. This model works well and proves to be effective. In 2016 ZOA was vice-chair of the DRA programme executive committee. In 2017 ZOA assumed the role of chair for one year.

The following organisations are part of the Dutch Relief Alliance: CARE Nederland, Cordaid, Dorcas, ICCO / Kerk in Actie, Oxfam Novib, Plan Nederland, Save the Children, Tear, Terre des Hommes, Stichting Vluchteling, War Child, World Vision and ZOA. In the course of 2016, War Trauma Foundation also became a member of the Dutch Relief Alliance.

In 2016 the DRA implemented Joint Responses in Central African Republic, Nigeria, Northern Iraq, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. ZOA leads the Syria Joint Response and participates in the Joint Responses in Yemen, South Sudan and Northern Iraq. ZOA participated in the Acute Crisis Joint Responses on Ethiopia and Somalia. In 2015 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs committed €120 million to the DRA to last until the end of 2017. The DRA had used up that budget by the end of 2016. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved an additional €45 million for 2017.


IntegralAlliance Logo

ZOA became a member of Integral Alliance in September 2015, a global network of Christian relief and development agencies from across the world. Membership allows partners to work closely together in humanitarian assistance and in sharing expertise and resources.

During 2016 ZOA funded World Relief Germany to execute the Dutch Relief Alliance project in Somaliland, a drought response in ten villages south of Hargeisa, implemented from July to December 2016. ZOA also funded Integral partners Tearfund for postearthquake shelter and Mission East for WASH and livelihoods in Nepal.

EU Cord network

Christian Organisations in Relief and Development from countries in the European Union set up this network with a desire to create opportunities for and between members. Opportunities to work together towards shared objectives; to form supportive professional relationships; to access EC funding and to influence policy. For ZOA, EUCORD creates a platform to meet with potential partners to form consortia, share knowledge and sometimes even to receive funding for Emergency Relief Operations. An example is the collaboration between ZOA and Tearfund UK. Together they prepared an application to the European Union for emergency assistance in Nigeria.

Kenniscentrum Humanitaire Hulp

In 2016, ZOA was involved in the establishment of the Knowledge Center for Humanitarian Assistance in The Hague. The center is a cooperation of ten humanitarian NGOs, five expertise institutes and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This Kenniscentrum Humanitaire Hulp will become operational from January 2017 for an initial period of three years. The Center will play a key role in information sharing, knowledge gathering and initiating debate.

Partnerships and Networks

Partnerships and networks