ZOA is a partner in the following partnerships:

Dutch Relief Alliance – Cooperation of Dutch NGOs in humanitarian action.

IS-academy on Human Security in Fragile States – Collaborative research project between Disaster Studies at Wageningen University and the NGOs Cordaid, ICCO, Netherlands Red Cross, Oxfam Novib and ZOA.

Christian Emergency Relief Cluster -Cooperation between Dutch Christian aid organisations Dorcas, Tear, Red een Kind, Woord en Daad and ZOA.

Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation – ZOA was the lead agency for this consortium of Save the Children, CARE, HealthNet TPO and ZOA, funded by the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, implementing rehabilitation programmes in six African countries from 2011 – 2015.

Consortium of Dutch NGOs – ZOA and Red een Kind cooperate through this consortium in Myanmar

Walk for Water Steering Committee – Together with Aqua for All, AKVO, Simavi and Amref Flying Dotors, organising ‘Walk for Water’ fundraising events in Dutch primary schools.

Humanity House – ZOA is a partner of this museum in The Hague, which focuses on awareness raising about conflicts and natural disasters.