ZOA seeks for a broad range of donors, as this will provide more stability to our operations than being dependent on just a few large donors.

The private funding is very important for ZOA; not only because it is a considerable part of our income, but is also shows the support from the general public in the Netherlands.

Also, some institutional donors require co-funding from ZOA, meaning that we need to bring in other funding in order to receive institutional funding; by using a part of our private funding, ZOA can leverage this funding to the much larger institutional funding. Through this we are able to multiply our private funding 10 times and sometimes even 20 times! Simply stated: without private funding, ZOA could not reach its mission as it does now. (More positively: with private funding, ZOA is enabled by the private donors to reach more people and provide better assistance, because can attract other large funding sources).

Institutional Donors

ZOA receives institutional funding from several governments and other organisations, like the Dutch government, European Union institutions, United States governmental institutions, United Nations institutions and the Australian government.

Dutch Government

Government of the Netherlands

European Union

European Commission

United States Government

US Department of State


Australian Government


United Nations Organisations