DR Congo

Programme areas and target groups

  • Northern part of South Kivu: Minova and the Hauts Plateaux de Kalehe
  • Southern part of South Kivu: Luberizi in the Ruzizi Valley, Rubanga, Fizi

In DR Congo, we work with several target groups:

  • Minova and the Hauts Plateaux: vulnerable youth and farming communities
  • Luberizi: farmers and pastoralists of Barundi and Bafulero tribes
  • Rubanga: child mothers and vulnerable young women
  • Fizi: children and teenagers
  • Food security & Livelihoods
  • Basic education
  • Peacebuilding

What we do in DR Congo

The security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo deteriorates due to delayed presidential elections. In the Kivu provinces conflicts between tribes and between armed groups cause on-going insecurity. Combined with tight funding, bad roads and difficulties in finding suitable staff, providing relief and recovery to victims of the conflicts is an everyday challenge.

Peace between former enemies

We were glad to open an office in Bukavu. In 2017, contracts were signed for the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Luberizi, in a consortium with IRC and Search for Common Ground. The overall objective of the IWRM-programme in Luberizi is peace building between two tribes. ZOA is focusing on rehabilitation of irrigation schemes, land rights, and agricultural development. Our partner Search for Common Ground implements peace building activities and IRC focuses on improving access to drinking water.

Two competing tribal chiefs are now collaborating in the IWRM-programme, thus benefiting both communities.

Working in consortia

The project for Addressing Root Causes (ARC) in Minova and Kalehe continues. In this consortium ZOA has the lead and War Child and VNG International are partners. In Minova and Kalehe, the Addressing Root Causes Consortium designed a complementary programme. War Child focuses on economic activities for young people, ZOA aims at farmers for agricultural activities and land rights and supports social cohesion and recovery with community based social therapy, and VNG International is focussing on strengthening local authority leadership capacity.

Education for teenagers

In Fizi, we completed our three year accelerated education programme for children between 10 and 16 years. It is great to see that 272 children completed primary school education and 205 passed their state exams in 2017. In Rubanga, we support vulnerable young women, many of whom became mothers while still teenagers. Vocational training and support provides them with income, hope and dignity.


In cooperation with

Fizi Division de l’Education, DEO, L’inspection de l’enseignement primaire, AOC, AFEM, UEFA, ACPDI.

With funding from

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Dutch Embassy,  EO Metterdaad and ZOA the Netherlands.

Header picture: Margreet Noordhof