Programme areas and target groups

  • Northern Afghanistan: Sar-e Pul and Jawzjan provinces
  • Central Afghanistan: Kabul area and Nangarhar province
  • South Afghanistan: Uruzgan and Zabul

Target groups: Returnees, internally displaced persons and host populations

  • Food security & Livelihoods
  • WASH
  • Peacebuilding

What we do in Afghanistan

Continuing support in precarious environments 

The situation in Afghanistan is precarious and constantly changing. Ongoing insecurity limits access to project locations. these developments are hard to predict, and make it difficult to anticipate the needs of people.

At the end of 2016, 600.000 returned from Pakistan. During 2017 thousands of people within the province became displaced due to fighting between armed groups and government troops. ZOA was able to support communities with 136 water wells, funded by the Dutch Relief Alliance. Besides, ZOA built new classrooms and constructed 35 wells near schools, combined with latrines. Also peace education for school children was developed.

ZOA works succesfully together with the local Community Development Councils.

With funding from and in cooperation with

Funding: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), USAID, UNOCHA, Unicef, NEPA, DOB Emergency, JM Bogmanfonds, ZOA the Netherlands.

Cooperation: SHPOUL, Sanayee Development Organisation, Dutch Relief Alliance-partners, Community Development Councils

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