Corporate identity

Our mission

In a world of conflict, injustice and poverty, we offer support to people suffering from armed conflicts and natural disasters. Through long-term commitment, from emergency aid to reconstruction, we help people regardless of race, gender, origin, religion or age.

Emergency aid & Reconstruction

After the emergency aid phase, we shift our focus to the recovery of society. We aim to achieve sustainable and lasting results, therefore we work with local people during reconstruction. In this way we contribute to signs of hope in a broken world, supported by our donors and partners worldwide.

Strategic Plan

In the strategic plan ‘Every Life Matters’ you will find our main focus areas for the coming years. In this plan you can read who we are, what we do and how we prepare for future changes.

Our vision

The biblical message of reconciliation and restoration of this broken world is our inspiration. We serve victims of violent conflicts and natural disaster offering signs of hope and recovery. Our goal is for people to experience peace and justice and eventually regain mutual trust and personal dignity.

Christian aid organization

We believe in the biblical message of reconciliation and restoration for a broken world. We believe we have a specific responsibility to restore hope for people, particularly those in vulnerable positions.We respond to God’s call to do justice and to be faithful to those who need our help.

Strong foundation

Our programs are focused on long term results. This means that we provide emergency assistance, but also provide support during reconstruction. We do this in cooperation with the local population, led by our core values ​​to guide us in what we do and help us stay sharp.