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community based sociotherapy in DR Congo

Community based sociotherapy: the effect on the lives of women and men

“Sociotherapy has healed our heartaches and now we are without worries and hard feelings”. To restore trust and contribute to a more peaceful future, ZOA and local expert organisation PDD have introduced Community Based Sociotherapy (CBS) in DR Congo.

Community based sociotherapy (CBS) is a community-led approach implemented in small groups of 12-15 men and women, who discuss their daily experiences guided by two well-trained facilitators from the community. 


The impact of community based sociotherapy. Testimonies from DR Congo

CBS helps people learn new constructive behaviour

The aim of this approach is that the participants learn and experience new constructive behaviour which ultimately has a positive influence on their personal life as well as on their environment. A recent research in Congo confirms that CBS has significantly improved the mental well-being of the participants. Moreover, the interpersonal relationships at community level and social cohesion between ethnic groups have improved.  CBS also has a positive effect on the socio-economic situation of the participants.

CBS is a foundation for sustainable change

The community based sociotherapy approach  is a good foundation for sustainable change starting at the individual level with ramifications at family and community level. In combination with other interventions focusing on structural change at governmental level and the enabling political and economic environment, CBS is a powerful methodology. This document gives a summary of the research results and the video illustrates the changes at the different result areas.

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