Codes and policies


ZOA adheres to the following quality standards and codes:

  • Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief;
  • The Good Governance Code for Charities (Wijffels code);
  • The fundraising code of conduct of Goede Doelen Nederland (Charities Netherlands);
  • The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) (This is a replacement of the former People in Aid Code and HAP standard).

ZOA uses the Sphere Standards for carrying out emergency relief and rehabilitation work as a reference.

Above mentioned codes are implemented in all workprocesses. As part of quality reviews and programme assessments, the main elements from these codes are assessed. Abnormalities are being judged within the context of the existing planning and review cycle. Violations of the codes can influence individual assessments of employees. Adjustments or improvements of the implementation of the codes take place within the normal year planning.

ZOA’s quality management is certified according to the ISO standard.

ZOA’s work is monitored by several external evaluators (including various authorities), chartered accountants and external quality auditors. In addition ZOA has an internal audit system to ensure effective and efficient operations.