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An Ethiopian woman

Climate change, from scarcity to conflict

The consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly visible. The need is increasing. That is why ZOA published a research report on climate change. The report underlines the fact that the most vulnerable people in the world are hit hardest by its effects. A rapidly growing number of people are forced to flee. How can they increase their resilience in these unpredictable circumstances?

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Living with unpredictability

Increasing resilience, especially in fragile states

Global warming is causing temperatures to rise and rainfall patterns to change. Liveable land becomes scarce, crops stop growing due to drought, or fertile soil is washed away - resulting in migratory flows and conflict. Vulnerable people in fragile states are severely affected by the effects of climate change.

ZOA focuses on tackling the causes of migration and conflicts by making people more resilient to climate change. The report shows the effects of global warming on people in Ethiopia and Sudan, among others. In addition, ZOA shows how local communities can increase their adaptability.

This report was the result of literature and field research by ZOA staff member and development sociologist Desirée van Kooten and Joël Voordewind, special ambassador for ZOA. ZOA's sector specialists in the fields of WASH, Food Security and Livelihood and Peacebuilding also contributed to the report.

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