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Broken home

Providing Cash for Shelter in liberated territories of Ukraine

In the midst of the escalating humanitarian needs in Ukraine, ZOA is continuing to provide lifesaving emergency shelter assistance to conflict-affected population in Khersonska and Mykolaivska oblast. The primary mission of this initiative is to deliver immediate technical shelter assistance to owners of damaged households, through a cash-based intervention, empowering their independence.

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Humanitarian Assistance fast and efficient

This pivotal project is funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund (UHF). The aim of this project is to support 965 households with light and medium repairs to their homes. The project is implemented in regions that have severely suffered due to the full scale invasion. Many houses in the region have broken windows, doors and roofs, while other houses are completely destroyed. This projects aims to support those houses that can still be repaired and will allow people to return home and stay safe and warm during the winter period.

ZOA’s involvement begins with a visit by ZOA’s technical engineer, who performs a detailed damage assessment to determine the level of repair needed and to draft a detailed cost estimate. Based on this assessment, the family receives the funds needed to implement the repairs. having the opportunity to complete the repairs in a dignifying manner, choosing the materials and laborers most suitable for them.

While implementing the repairs, ZOA offers additional technical and protection support, available digitally over the phone and in person by visiting each family. Special attention is given to more vulnerable household members, such as people with a disability, elderly and single headed households. During the first period of the project, 709 families have already received such assistance from ZOA.

This project is implemented in the more remote areas of Ukraine, where people live in small villages that often suffered the most during the occupation. To ensure sensitivity and the empower the local population, ZOA works together with a Volunteer Community Committee (VCC) in each village. The VCC consists of 5-6 trusted community members, who know the village well and are elected by the people of the village. This committee helps to bridge the gap between the families and ZOA. Together with the VCC the project is designed and families are selected to participate.

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ZOA is continuing this project until the summer to make sure all 965 families have restored their households and are ready before the harsh Ukrainian winter sets in.

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