Supervisory Board

ZOA has a Board and a Supervisory Board. The Board consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Programme Officer (CPO) and is responsible for the running of the organisation and the implementation of ZOA’s mission, vision, and strategy. The Supervisory Board is responsible for the supervision of ZOA’s Board, its plans and policies, and for safeguarding the mission and identity of the organisation. The Supervisory Board advises and assists the ZOA Board in finding the direction for the organisation, in line with ZOA’s statutory obligations. The Supervisory Board has an Audit Committee and a Remuneration Committee. Supervisory Board members do not receive financial compensation for their work.

Supervisory Board Members

Dr. Ir. H. Paul MPA, chair of the Supervisory Board
Mr Paul is ABDTOPConsult at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Reformatorisch Maatschappelijke Unie (RMU) and member of the Social Council for Gevangenenzorg Nederland

Drs. J. Kamphorst, vice-chair of the Supervisory Board

Mr Kamphorst is interim-manager and organisational advisor.
Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Accolade Zorggroep (Foundation for Care and Welfare).

Drs. J.J.A. Olij – Haak, member of the Supervisory Board
Ms Olij- Haak is chair of Executive Board of Timon Group, directing foundation of Timon, a youth and young adults welfare organisation and of Timon AMV, support of solitary underage refugees.

Drs. A. Bouw RA, member of the Supervisory Board
Mr Bouw works as a chartered accountant with a financial institution.

Ing. J.H. Dronkers, member of the Supervisory Board
Mr Dronkers is Director-General Aviation and Maritime Affairs and Loco-Secretary-General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management.

According to ZOA’s statutes, the members of the Supervisory Board shall resign by rotation, but not later than five years following their appointment. Members are eligible for one reappointment a five years.