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Woman South Sudan

Strategic Plan: 'Towards Peace and Resilience'

As humanitarian needs and crises are on the rise, ZOA’s work is needed more than ever. It is ZOA’s desire to respond and alleviate suffering, particularly of the most vulnerable. Our strategic plan highlights the key priorities ZOA has chosen for the next few years as it responds to the needs in a changing context.


Reducing conflict and promoting peace

ZOA’s strategic plan ‘Towards Peace and Resilience’ shows the key priorities ZOA has chosen for 2023-2026. Over the years, ZOA has made many operational choices. These relate to questions such as who its serves, where and how it operates, and the type of work ZOA does. This strategic plan explains the choices ZOA has made in responding to humanitarian crises and highlights the organisation’s strategic priorities for the 2023-2026 period.

The context of humanitarian crisis is often characterised by a combination of fragility, conflict and natural disaster. In accordance with that, ZOA has chosen to bring more focus in its programmes along the lines of three interrelated programmatic themes: Peace Nexus, Localisation and Climate Resilience.

In all we do, we will be searching for options to contribute to reducing conflict and promoting peace. We will support communities to adapt and become more resilient to the impacts of climate change. We aim at working towards stronger local capacities, leadership and ownership.