ZOA launches new strategic plan: 'Every Life Matters'

With record numbers of refugees and displaced people, the humanitarian needs are higher than ever. It is ZOA’s desire to respond and alleviate suffering, particularly of the most vulnerable. ZOA’s new strategic plan ‘Every Life Matters’ shows the key priorities the organisation has chosen for the next few years. CEO Chris Lukkien explains: ‘’In a world that is ruled by statistics and where big numbers count, ZOA wants to put its focus on the individual, acknowledging that we are all uniquely created.’’

ZOA has made many operational choices. These relate to questions such as who its serves, where and how it operates, and the type of work ZOA does. In this plan ZOA’s dual mandate of being a relief and recovery organisation is affirmed, but with greater emphasis given to the relief part of ZOA’s mandate. ZOA will continue to focus on working in fragile contexts, supporting some of the most vulnerable in the region. ZOA’s well proven hybrid model – having own operational capacity as well as working through (local) partners – will continue to be normal way of operating. But in line with the Grand Bargain agreement, ZOA will put greater emphasis on localisation.

Focus on the most vulnerable victims of conflicts and disasters

Over the next few years, ZOA will particularly focus attention on the following themes. First, ZOA will place people at the centre, both in the service delivery and within the organisation. Lukkien: ‘’Every life matters means that we want to focus on the most vulnerable and aim to improve their self-reliance. It also means that we want to give them a voice and want to see them actively participate within our projects and programmes.’’ Priority will also be given to improving the quality of its programme implementation as ZOA reaches out to the most vulnerable.

Lukkien: ‘’We realise that some of the strategic objectives we have set ourselves are ambitious. However, we believe they are justified considering the plight of refugees and displaced people and their ever-increasing number.’’

Invest in innovation capacity

In this strategic period, ZOA will also prioritize and invest in its innovation capacity. ZOA will seek to create an innovation environment within the organisation. The sharing of ideas within the organisation will be encouraged and existing platforms, such as SharePoint, will be used for that purpose. In addition, an innovation fund will be created for piloting and testing innovation. Besides utilising existing innovation power within the organisation, ZOA can also benefit from innovative ideas from other organisations in the sector. ZOA will strive to become an early adopter of new ideas. And, lastly ZOA will focus on growing and better engaging its constituency with the plight of refugees, displaced people, and their host communities.

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