Land Rights Unchained! wins Partos Best Idea for Development Award

Last week on Thursday October 11th, ZOA got awarded the Partos Best Idea for Development Prize. David Betge, Sector Specialist Land Rights at ZOA, together with Vincent Oberdorf from the In2Afrika foundation developed an idea to improve land administration in poor rural areas to make it more transparent, accessible and democratic.

During the Spindle Summerlabs David and Vincent built their idea around the principle of distributed ledgers (one of the ideas behind blockchain technology). The result is called: Land Rights Unchained! Using a simple app that gives people access to their land data and can be made available through mobile services in villages, land administration can become more inclusive.

High tech solution, low tech application, allround impact. Land Rights Unchained!

With the prize money of € 5000 plus another €1000 from an anonymous donor, a co-creation process with stakeholders in Uganda will be started in Nwoya districs. ZOA already works on land tenure rights in this district. We will look for co-funding to develop a prototype that can be piloted. Winning the Partos Innovation prize is a big push for this idea. Thanks goes to Partos, Spindle Summerlabs and the generous anonymous donor!