Earthquake Iraq and Iran

Sunday the 12th of November a severe earthquake, with a strength of 7.3 on the Richter scale, hit the northern border region between Iraq and Iran. There were more than 400 deaths, mostly in Iran.

In Iraq, where ZOA is active, there were 6 deaths and 500 injured (according to the OCHA Iraq Flash Update #2, 13-11-2017). Particularly the Darbandikhan region, in the border area, seems to be hit heavily. Several relief organizations are investigating whether and where they can help. This will be mostly medical relief.

Our employees in Erbil, north of the epicentre, felt the earthquake, but fortunately did not suffer any damage. ZOA will monitor the situation, but will not become active in the area, as far as known now. However, we will not reduce our activities in Iraq, for example in and around Mosul.