“A water yard not only provided water, but also established peace”

Abdelaziz Adam Abdalla is Project Coordinator in Sudan. He started working for ZOA in 2011 and focuses on North Darfur State, an area recovering from conflict. “I’m proud of ZOA for viable interventions in this country.”

This is the moment when I thought:

1. this is why I work for ZOA!

“ZOA started providing support to seven war affected communities in rural North Darfur State of Sudan. North Darfur is one of Darfurs regions which witnessed civil war from 2003, a war that is still going on in some parts of the region. ZOA started projects on basic education, food security and livelihood, WASH and peace building. As we were working on these projects, we found that a communities with 5.000 people suffered from a shortage of water, especially during the dry season. There were no water points nearby. Women and children bore the burden of bringing water and expose themselves to many risks. The hygienic situation in the villages was very bad: seeing dirty children and people was terrible. When we went through the villages people begged us to stop all the other work and solve the problem of water shortage. It was a big investment and it took a while before we had funding, but eventually ZOA drilled a borehole and constructed a water yard in 2016.”

2. this story I will never forget

“We organized an opening ceremony to celebrate the water yard, in cooperation with the local government. 3 ministers participated. Not only people  from the targeted villages but also people from other communities participated happily in the opening ceremony. Even people who had tribal conflicts with people of the area came. They sang and danced together the whole that day. I will never forget that day. We not only solved a severe problem of water shortage, but also the tribal conflicts between the tribes of the Gosbeina area and other tribes ended. This ZOA intervention created peace between people and it also created stability for people. They no longer have to leave during the dry season.”

3. I’m proud of ZOA!

“I’m proud of ZOA for successful interventions, and the story above is an example. There are many similar successful stories in the different sectors of education, food security and livelihood.”

ZOA helps people affected by conflict and natural disasters from relief to recovery. Abdelaziz Adam Abdalla is part of a team of 900 ZOA-colleagues worldwide. Want to join our team of committed colleagues? Check the vacancies.