ZOA to open an office in Damascus

On September 18, ZOA’s registration as an International NGO in Syria was approved. ZOA has been working in Syria for several years now, but only through partners organization and without its own presence in the country. Now that ZOA’s registration has been approved, we will be able to expand our programmes in Syria and have much greater impact.

ZOA is thankful for the opportunity to work directly from Damascus in serving the Syrian people. In the upcoming period, ZOA will work closely with the authorities and other humanitarian organisations to identify the type of interventions that are most urgent and suitable in the context of Syria. Our intention is to start serving the Syrian people in their needs for education, livelihoods, and shelter. We will also seek to establish fruitful collaboration with local partners for programme implementation.

The needs of the Syrian people remain overwhelmingly high. ZOA’s global mandate includes both humanitarian and rehabilitation work. We hope that our presence inside Syria will provide the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of many Syrian people, not only in alleviating the most acute emergency needs, but also in supporting them to rebuild their lives and regain a sense of hope.