Livelihood and food security

Food for the most vulnerable

ZOA’s activities on Food Security and Livelihoods aim to help conflict or disaster affected people to engage in activities toward better living conditions, and to meet their food consumption needs. ZOA has a long-term commitment, enabling us to ensure that people, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, participate in activities toward sustainable livelihoods and food security.

What we do

Food security: Disaster response

ZOA implements relief activities in case of humanitarian emergencies. Food assistance is provided to meet the immediate needs of the affected people. ZOA offers both cash in-kind food assistance as well as cash or food vouchers for beneficiaries to spend directly on food items that best fit their needs. The choice for the most appropriate approach in a specific context is based on an assessment of the actual humanitarian needs, and which resource transfer modality will deliver the necessary aid in the most relevant, effective, efficient, safe and rapid manner possible.

Food assistance is provided to meet the immediate needs of the affected people.

Food security: Recovery

In recovery and development oriented projects ZOA works towards sustainable food systems to ensure availability and access to sufficient nutritious food.  ZOA’s programmes include activities on the production side, improving agriculture production and processing practices, reducing waste and losses and making efficient use of natural resources. Through diversification of crops, we aim to increase the availability of various food crops for a varied diet and improved nutrition. Access to food is further enhanced by addressing constraints in food value chains and food markets, and increasing the purchasing power of beneficiaries through livelihood activities.

Livelihood approaches
Households seek various ways of generating income as a means for providing for their needs. To succeed in their efforts, people require the appropriate resources, skills and capacities, as well as favourable external conditions.

  • Agricultural production We analyze the best entry points for sustainable use of resources, and resilience of the agricultural systems to natural hazards.
  • Value chain development We provide training on processing and facilitate access of beneficiaries to markets.
  • Income generating activities Trough small entrepreneurship, vocational training, job creation or cooperatives.

Networks and partners

ZOA is a member of AgriProFocus.