Programme period: 2010 – 2013

After the earthquake in 2010, ZOA started a three year emergency programme in the Leogane area, called Livelihoods for Earthquake Affected People (LEAP), together with World Renew. The objective of the programme was to assist 6,700 families till they have the same level of income as before the earthquake, and preferably above that level.
The three major components of the LEAP-programme were: micro-enterprise development, business development and sustainable agriculture. With specific attention to building peace and stability.
  • Micro-enterprise. Hundreds of people received loans to start up small businesses and trading.
  • Business development. Small and medium entrepreneurs got business training courses. This course is a prerequisite for any financial assistance.
  • Sustainable agriculture. More than thousands families received different kinds of assistance to make a living. Farm tools, beans, goats, seeds and seedlings were distributed. Local farm leaders were trained in basic veterinary care. Communities constructed seed banks and set up nurseries. And for protection of the vulnerable and badly eroded soil, thousands of linear meters of contour canal were built (SALT).
ZOA cooperated with the Canadian organization World Renew in five communities near the town of Leogane. ZOA’s programme manager for the LEAP-programme was part of the World Renew Disaster Response Team.
The programme was funded by Stromme and ZOA the Netherlands (Emergency funds, Third parties EO-Metterdaad).