Programme areas and target groups

  • Lombok: Bayan, Batulayar and Jeringo villages
  • Sulawesi: Palu city, Jono Ogo and Kulawi villages

ZOA works with communities affected by the series of earthquakes that hit Indonesia in July, August and September 2018.

  • Food security & Livelihoods
  • Psychosocial support
  • Shelter
  • WASH

What we do

On the 31st of July 2018 a 6.4 earthquake struck off the northern shore of Lombok island. A larger earthquake followed on Sunday the 5th of August. More than 560 people lost their lives and 396.032 people their homes. A few weeks later, on September 28th, another earthquake took place near Palu, Sulawesi. The magnitude 7.4 quake followed by high tsunami waves killed over 2,000 people. On both islands, roads, bridges and houses were damaged, and electricity and water supply interrupted.

Shelter and blankets for Lombok

ZOA decided to work together with a local partner organization called Yayasan Bumi Tangguh (YBT). On Lombok, the emergency phase consisted of the distribution of shelter kits and blankets for 208 households and the provision of emergency latrines and water supply for 542 households.

The emergency phase was followed up by recovery projects. In this phase, ZOA focused on the construction of waste collection systems and hygiene promotion for 547 households. Moreover, more than 208 temporary houses were built for families who had lost their homes due to the earthquake. ZOA provided these families with psychosocial support and Disaster Risk Reduction Training to be better prepared for future disasters. The project was finalized with a ceremonial handover  of the houses to the new habitants.

After more funds were raised, a new  project with YBT was started in May with the construction of an additional 203 temporary houses.

Food, latrines and cash for Sulawesi

After the earthquake and tsunami hit Sulawesi, the Indonesian Government invited International NGOs to support local NGOs to implement the relief interventions. ZOA decided to continue working with YBT. Furthermore, 2 new partners were identified, TSA (The Salvation Army Indonesia) and IMDS (Indonesia Mennonite Diakonie Service).

With YBT, ZOA provided a group of 950 households with sanitation facilities such as handwashing stations, water filters and hygiene kits. For this group, 76 combined blocks with toilets and showers were made. Besides that, a group of 200 households received three monthly food distributions, cash and some non-food items such as kitchen utensils, clothing and jerrycans .The initial emergency project was followed up with a more long-term project which started in May 2019 in Kulawi district. This project consists of the construction of  60 semi-permanent houses with toilets/showers  which will be earthquake proof.

With  IMDS, ZOA aimed to relieve the suffering of 250 earthquake affected families in Jono Oge in Sigi District. This was done by providing temporary shelter, trauma counseling and the installation of 7 water purification systems in Jono Ogo village.

ZOA seeks to select the most vulnerable for their interventions.

Finally, ZOA supported the Salvation Army in the field of health. Together, we rehabilitating a hospital and 5 health centers in Palu and surroundings. Moreover, mobile temporary clinics were set up to provide medical care and trauma counseling in poor and sparsely populated mountainous areas outside Palu. Over 10,000 consults took place in the mobile clinics and more than 23.800 patients were seen at the Woodward hospital in Palu.  This project was finalized in August 2019, and new project plans are developed for instance to make the mobile clinics more sustainable.

Donors and partners

With funding from

Dutch Relief Alliance from the MoFA The Netherlands,  EO Metterdaad, GDC from the Hersteld Hervormde Kerk, DORCAS and our constituency from the Netherlands.

In cooperation with

In Indonesia, ZOA works together with World Renew and local implementing partner  Yayasan Bumi Tangguh (YBT). This relatively young Indonesian NGO was formed in 2017 with staff experienced in responding to tsunami and earthquakes. ZOA also works with The Salvation Army (TSA) which has a presence of over 120 years in Sulawesi in education, hygiene and health. Mennonites Diakonia Services (MDS – initials shared with North America’s Mennonite Disaster Service) directs its humanitarian service into disaster response, conflict transformation and, environmental preservation and started becoming operational in 2004.