Disaster response

Disaster response

The mission of the Disaster Response Team (DRT), based at ZOA Netherlands, is to respond to humanitarian emergencies and to support country programmes in writing emergency project proposals and executing the proposals. Ina Hogendoorn is Director of Disaster Response. The DRT comprises three disaster responses officers and a finance manager.


ZOA implements relief activities preferably by working alongside local partners or through international partners with a proven track record. If local capacity is limited or lacking, ZOA can make disaster response capacity available, while at the same time seeking active collaboration with partners. New strategic alliances are also established with international partners seeking implementation capacity in disaster response initiatives outside regular ZOA countries.

Short term involvement

Depending on the nature and magnitude of the disaster, ZOA’s involvement in disaster response programmes may last up to three years. These programmes are under direct supervision of ZOA Netherlands. In order to maintain an appropriate balance in our programmes and to fulfill our dual mandate of relief and recovery, the combined volume of disaster response programmes is limited to a maximum of 25% of ZOA’s total activities.