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Imagine your house getting destroyed…

It's hard to imagine: seeing your house being swept away. Losing your loved ones in one fell swoop. Going for days without food or water. ZOA is there for people who experience the most terrible things due to war or disaster.

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We are here for those who have lost everything, and are in danger of losing heart. We provide emergency aid in crisis areas: food, clothing and access to clean water. We remain faithful to communities as they recover – empowering people's independence.

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Angelina fled the war in Sudan and is now struggling to feed her family in South Sudan

“At least in Sudan I could do something with my hands, take care of myself and my family and make something of my life,” says Angelina Adel in South Sudan. “Now, receiving help is my only hope.”

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ZOA worker wearing a face mask stops to talk to a girl
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Children drink water from a tap

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