Middle East Region

What's going on

The number of Syrians that crossed the border since the start of the conflict in March 2011 has exceeded 4 Million in 2015. Within Syria over 7 million people have been displaced, making this the most severe crisis in the world of today. In response to the large conflicts and the overwhelming numbers of civilians affected in the whole area of the Middle East, ZOA decided to start a regional office to be locally present. As of February 2015, this office is based in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

What ZOA does

From the Middle East Region office in Amman, ZOA coordinates programmes in YemenKurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I), Jordan and Syria, countries where ZOA had started interventions in previous yearsZOA has supported Syrian refugees and Jordanian host communities since 2013, Iraqi internally displaced people since 2014 and Yemenis since 2012. 

Unlike programmes in most other ZOA countries, the emphasis is more on relief than recovery, changing with times as the situation develops for better in the region. ZOA works mainly through local partners, whereby ZOA will ensure expert capacity building and quality control.