Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation 2011 - 2015 (closed)

ZOA is the lead agency of the Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation (DCR), consisting of ZOA, Save the Children Netherlands, CARE Nederland and HealthNet TPO, funded by the Dutch government.

In 2011 the DCR started the implementation of a five year rehabilitation programme in six fragile states in Africa: Burundi, Democratic Republic Congo, Liberia, Uganda, Sudan and South-Sudan. As a consortium we work closely together in these 6 countries and our programme is being implemented by the country offices together with local partners.

Together we work in complementary sectors for rehabilitation of communities: health care, education, water and sanitation, food security, development of economic activities and re-enforcing civil society.

In The Netherlands, DCR cooperates in knowledge exchange, advocacy, and awareness raising on the importance of support to fragile states.

For more information and the Annual Report 2013: www.dcr-africa.org.


DCR focuses on countries which, after a prolonged conflict, have taken their first careful steps on the path to recovery: Burundi, the DR Congo, Liberia, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan. The people in these (post-)conflict countries have suffered a great deal from the wars and the fact that they were continually driven away from their homes.

The keyword is ‘collaboration’. Collaboration takes place around the world and at different levels. For instance, DCR coordinates their plans with large international organizations of the United Nations and other NGOs that work in the region. They consults the national and local authorities on site and with the people in the villages. And of course, the DCR members, maintain close contact about the activities and progress of the projects.


The Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation envisions a peaceful, stable and properly functioning society, a society where people are structurally able to support themselves and where everyone has access to basic facilities.


The Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation contributes to the recovery of (post-)conflict zones in Africa by reconstructing infrastructure, strengthening the social coherence of communities and creating employment. The DCR also supports local authorities so that they are better equipped to keep the peace in these regions.